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Spooky Ghoul 20oz Tumbler Wrap | Seamless Tumbler Wrap

Spooky Ghoul 20oz Tumbler Wrap | Seamless Tumbler Wrap

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Digital files are NOT a physical product. This is an INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. Downloads will NOT have watermarks.

Digital designs are PNG files created at 300+ DPI. These designs are created by Woodlief Crafts and can be used on several types of items like shirts, tumblers, transfers, etc. but some items may require a commercial license. Digital file use and commercial license information can be found below and in the terms and conditions when checking out. Failure to purchase the proper commercial license for your business and/or the misuse of digital files from Woodlief Crafts will result in a ban from using all files from Woodlief Crafts and legal action if necessary. 

File Sizing—
•PNG Designs are created on a 12x12 canvas.
•Seamless Patterns are created on a 12x12 canvas. 
•20oz tumbler wraps are created on a 9.3”x8.2” canvas.
•16oz glass tumbler wraps are created on a 9.75”x4.8” canvas.

You will size the file as needed to fit your product. Woodlief Crafts is NOT responsible for sizing files for your needs. Sizing files to different dimensions can distort or warp the images and quality.

Files may come in a zipped folder if it contains more than one file. You must unzip this file to find the contents. 


  • All designs must have a watermark placed over the design. This includes mockup photos and completed physical items. There is a free watermark available on
  • You can use any of Woodlief Crafts files on a completed project without a commercial license. This includes but is not limited to— tee shirts, tumblers, bags, car coasters, freshies, stickers, etc. All finished product photos must included a watermark over the design. There is a free watermark available on
  • No printing and selling of any sublimation prints, dtf transfers, clear film prints, wholesale stickers/out sourced printed stickers, decals, vinyls, patches, temporary tattoos, fabrics, etc without the purchase of a proper commercial license.
  • No files or monthly Google drives may be shared in any way. This includes but is not limited too— social media messages, emails, google drives, storage drives, uploading on social media, file dump groups, etc.
  • You can not alter Woodlief Crafts files in any way except for changing a single color file to another single color. You may not use seamless patterns over png designs from Woodlief Crafts or other designers designs, erase parts of a file, change colors of multicolored files, copy or trace files, etc.
  • You can not use Woodlief Crafts designs in logo work.
  • You can not order transfers through an unlicensed transfer vendor. You can find a list of all vendors on Woodlief Crafts website and/or a pinned post in our Facebook page. The vendors list is updated monthly.
  • You may not resell any digital files created by Woodlief Crafts.

 Due to the nature of digital downloads, refunds are not accepted. Please reach out to if you are having an issue with your downloads.


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